Are you looking for beginner’s photography training?

Do you have a DSLR but don’t really know where to begin with the buttons and dials?

Would you like to take better photos of your children at home, on days out and on holiday?

Do you want to step out of ‘Auto’ on your camera and be more creative?

It can be so frustrating when you miss that all important shot you wanted of your child but once you understand the basics, you’ll stand a far better chance of getting it right.

I would like to show you, in a straightforward and non-technical way, how to get the best out of your camera and understand the elements that make a photo stand out.

Once you know the basics, you can take the next level training.   This is putting into practice what you have learnt above, and photographing your own child with me by your side.

The only requirements to attend a course are a DSLR and one interchangeable lens.

No professional photographers permitted nor those intending to set up their own photography business in Nottingham or Derby within 2 years of the training date.


Aperture, shutter speed and ISO.   Learn how these work together.

Light – understanding light both indoors and outdoors.

Composition – how to make your images pleasing to the eye.

(Camera training will take place at my studio in Arnold, Nottingham


I’ll show you how to photograph your child using the knowledge you have learnt above and how to choose good locations.

Outdoor training will take place in Arnold, Nottingham.

I’m offering 1-2-1 sessions and small group sessions  – please see options below.

Purchase for yourself or gift to someone you know would love to learn with me.

OPTION 1 – Monday to Friday

90 minutes 1-2-1 training on how to use your camera.

Training at my studio covering the subjects as stated above.


OPTION 2 – Monday to Friday

3 hours 1-2-1 training on how to use your camera (as above).

Training at my studio covering the subjects as stated above.


OPTION 3 – Saturday

3 hours training on how to use your camera (as above).

Minimum of 3 attendees.

Training at my studio covering the subjects as stated above.

£99.00 per person.

OPTION 4 – Monday to Friday

2.5 hours practical training outside at a local park.  This is where you bring your child and I will show you how to use your camera outside and what I look for before taking photos.

Minimum of 3 attendees, no more than 4.  One child per attendee allowed, a minimum of 1-2 children is recommended.)
£99.00 per person.

BY ONLINE NOW – Vouchers valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Training options