Children and family photography Nottingham

Creative and modern portraits of your children and family in outdoor locations.


My outdoor portrait photography takes place in country parks or other cool and scenic places in Nottingham and Derby.

My style is natural and relaxed producing classic and timeless photos which won’t date.

As our children grow and we get older, photos play such an important pay in reliving our memories. Family photography is such an important part of our lives and there’s never any better time to update your family photos than right now.

Outdoor portrait photography sessions are great for children who like to roam a little and explore the great outdoors whilst allowing me to capture natural and fun expressions.

Photographing outdoors using natural light gives everyone the freedom to move around without being restricted by the set-up of a studio .  This works really well when photographing young children as they are not confined to one spot.

I find people of all ages are more relaxed in an outdoor environment which ultimately shows in the photos and are therefore perfect for adults who don’t often like to have their photo taken.

  Please take a look further down the page and you’ll find separate photo albums for outdoor sessions in Spring and Summer and Autumn and Winter.

I hope you like the photos I’ve shared above.  Would you like to see more of my work?

Below are two albums of outdoor portraits  in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Whether you have a preference on season or not, you’ll see we have some great locations in Nottingham and Derby for outdoor photo sessions.

Questions often asked about outdoor portrait photography

What is a an outdoor portrait session?

These sessions (allso known as lifestyle sessions) take place outside at a location of your choice, e.g. Wollaton Park, Rufford Park or Elvaston Castle.  If there is a special place where you like to take your children, your outdoor portraits could take place there.  I’m always open to suggestions and constantly on the look out for new places to go and if there is a particular scene you would like to incorporate in your photos, please let me know.

These sessions can also take place at your home if you would like some photos of you and your children playing in your garden or just generally doing the things you love at home.

What’s the difference between an outdoor and studio session?

They are an informal and a relaxed way of capturing children and families.  They can be less restrictive than a studio session especially for young children of toddler age who may want to run around more.

Photographing outdoors gives everyone the freedom to move around more and allows me to use the backdrop of the outdoor scenery and creatively edit your photos into something extra special.

How long does an outdoor portrait session last?

This can vary depending on the number of children being photographed and where we go but I generally say about 60-90 minutes.   I don’t rush my sessions and like to makes sure children get used to me being before I start taking photos so if a session takes a little longer, then it’s not a problem.

Can parents be included in the photo session?

Absolutely!  Although I am someone who is always (happily!) behind the camera rather than in front of the camera, I do value the photos I have with my son and family.    Whilst the main focus of your photo session may be for your children, think about having a few family photos too.

What happens if it rains on the day of the session?

We have a couple of options.  If it’s light rain and your child is happy playing in puddles or it’s a family photo session and you don’t mind a little rain, your session can still go ahead if you wish.

If that doesn’t appeal or it’s heavy rain, we can re-schedule for another date.  As the weather forecast is often wrong, I usually wait until the morning of the photo session before rescheduling.

What happens if my child isn’t having one of his/her betters days or he/she is shy with you?

I think this is one of the questions most parents worry about especially with toddler age children as they can be so unpredictable and, of course, some children are a little shy with new people.   All I can say, is please don’t worry.  I’m patient, I’m not pushy and I’m a mum so I’ll understand if your child needs a little more time.  I’m a specialist children’s photographer and I photograph children of all ages where no portrait session is the same as children are all individuals.

Do you offer outdoor portrait sessions outside of the Nottingham/Derby area?

Yes, I am happy to travel further afield and quotes for other locations can be provided on request.

Why I love outdoor portraits

This style of portrait is where I started my own journey into photography and when I discovered it, I absolutely loved it and still do.

My son was around 6 months old when I decided to start training in photography.   I was constantly experimenting with techniques and visiting different locations and I really love using natural light and the surrounding environment to create artistic portraits.


Monday to Friday £50 | Saturday £75

Your session includes:-

* 60-90 minutes photo session (time can vary depending on age and number of people being photographed)

* Location: Nottingham or Derby (locations further afield will incur travelling costs)

* Viewing appointment approx 2 weeks after your photo session to choose your photos and products.

* Dedicated service and professional quality.

Would you like to book a session with me?

If so, I’d love to hear from you and find out what you would like from your photo session with me.