Being pregnant and waiting to see your baby for the first time is quite surreal and a maternity session is a great way to capture those memories.

Pregnancy and Maternity sessions take place between the 32nd and 36th week of your pregnancy.

Whilst all women feel different in their pregnancy, during these weeks is usually a good time for your pregnancy photo session to take place; whilst your bump is looking swell and before you start to feel too uncomfortable towards the end of your term.

Before your photo session, we will have a chat about the type of photos you would like as a record of your pregnancy; pregnancy photos are very personal and every woman has slightly different ideas on what they want and don’t want.

Outfit changes are recommended for the photo session and if you are comfortable showing your bump with no clothes, this really shows how beautiful pregnancy is.

Below is a selection of pregnancy photos for you to have a look through:-

Would you like to chat about your ideas for your pregnancy session?